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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cs_shoota, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. how many of you guys actualy people from here.... uugghh.. i dont really wanna make a poll, just tell me...

    for me, i still havent met anyone from here....
  2. what...from where?
  3. I'm an actual person... is that wut u askn?
  4. meet people from hear he means i thinkhe means
  5. nope i still dont know what he means.
  6. I know one person from these boards... what's your question shoota?

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  7. lol, so ya wana know if anyone here has met another person from here i think haha...yeah ive met one other person (in person) but ive never heard or seen em again lol..oh well, peace
  8. lol, i was so fucking stoned when i wrote this, i was wondering how many people have you came into contact with from the city, like you are family or friends, or just have seen them
  9. I've met a couple guys from the city. I'd like to meet some of these hot stoner chicks.
  10. no one.... but then again... only a few are close...
  11. I've met only one from the city.
  12. are you a milf, ganja mom?? thats what i wanna know!!
  13. One hot momma. I like that. GanjaMom, you should put that as the title under your name.
  14. cs_shoota i am a person. I can assure you most of us are people with a few exceptions. :)

    But watch out some people you meet are more real here than the people you meet face to face.

  15. I know a few people here in real life (Drummer81, DarkMatter36, Nella, JaneDope, Mirs99, SpikeSpiegel...I think that's it.)

    I have also met a couple...I've met Budhead, dirtydingusus, and MrsDingusus.
  16. im a loner here, ANYONE IN MICHIGAN WANNA SMOKE WITH ME?? no cops please, btw, you take first toke... cause cops cant arrest me if they do it.. i think....can they!?!
  17. they'll probably still try. you know what cops are like... no regard for the law. ;)
  18. I hope no one, esp. Ganjamom, took offense to that- I was just super high, and goofin around.

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