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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by luddini, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I ordered something a while ago and only received a credit card charge... anybody actually receive their products?
  2. Hey listen up Greg,

    I mailed you that we did not get a payment from you, I also mailed you to send me proof of you payment and if we get it we will ship your stuff. We do not ship orders if we are not paid for them. Like I said it can be another charge on your card whih is not made by our credit card company (triple deal payments) if you want to be assured that we ship our stuff, be my guest and ask around, you won't hear from anybody that we do not ship. We are far too professional,come on look around this site, do we look like some cheap ripp of scam artist? Would I otherhwise let you post this message? Visible for al my members and custumors?

    If you have paid we will find out what happened, solve it and ship your stuff simple.



  3. I AGREE!
  4. Me too.

    Superjoint takes a lot of guff from people over shipping when it involves The United States and Canada.

    This problem seems unique, but I just thought I'd mention that things don't always go perfectly when it comes to sending what can be interpreted as being illegal goods to North America.

    Superjoint is an honorable businessperson none the less. He won't rip you off.

  5. You need to check the date your card was charged. Then allow ample time for delivery. If you are in the US it may take a little longer.

    SJ has never ripped anyone off. He has a great reputation!!!!

    Good luck with your order!
  6. Never had a problem ordering from Grasscity.

    Love my pipes too .:)
  7. Okay, they found my order and are shipping next week. Bit of a delay but they followed up and made sure I got what I paid for.
  8. Thats good i hope you get what you ordered.
  9. Im trying to give them the benefit of the doubt here but still no word of the order over a month later and I stopped getting responses via email when i try to find out if it was actually shipped after they found the order...

    .......... superjoint?
  10. you got jacked with it

  11. And how would you know? The order was send, late, because of a mistake a contact was all the time with the client. he got extra's in his order for the delay. I hope he will post in this thread too proof it. As you can see I'm not deleting any threads to cover up the facts or something.

    Peace and have some trust in humanity

  12. lol man dont take that seriously, I didnt mean he literally got jacked, just high and felt like posting something... I trust ya and im gonna be buyin some stuff off the city real soon...peace

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  13. Ok sorry, peace out, the point is is hass realy been send :), let's hope this guy will post again that he got it!

  14. Order was received on Friday Sept. 20

    They threw in some extras which was cool but I had to pay a $20 customs charge.. :(

    So all in all in cost me more than I looked to spend and took a few months to arrive but I think this was just a worst case scenario order... but they did make sure I got it and the customs charge is basically out of their hands so..
  15. Thanks for coming back ands telling everyone that you got your order. US customs are getting expensive because of the extra people they hired to keep bomns and stuff from going through the mail.

    Peace and enjoy your order!
  16. i ordered a pipe cupple weeks ago

    i live in alaska takes for fucking ever
    to get anything here

    i got my order from grass city in

    7 days

    you guys kick ass
  17. the thought of u.s. customs checking stuff out is not so pleasant. but is there anything wrong with buying smoking accessories internationally?

    ps -- i ordered from this site a few days ago, can't wait to get my new toy

  18. Don't worry about it, your order will arrive just fine.

  19. ^^^^he speakes the truth!

    i am lovein my peice!
  20. got my order on saturday, great packaging, i LOVE my new toy!


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