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  1. I placed an order 4 business days ago, put all my info in like normal, etc etc, it said ccpaid, etc, but today I got an email from sacha asking me to fax or scan the front and back of my credit card.
    I do NOT feel safe doing this. I've never had any problems ordering from other sites with this exact card. Perhaps it's because I used a different phone # (I once had this problem with phone #s), but I don't feel comfortable scanning it.
    Why is this necessary, and is it even safe? At this point I'm ready to cancel my order and go to the local shop and pick up some stuff.

    Here is the e-mail:

    Dear ,

    we will need some extra proof of credit.

    If you would please email or fax us the following pieces of information, we
    will be very happy to send out your order right away:

    A clear scan, photocopy or fax of your credit card (front and back, signed)

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. By
    requesting to see a copy of your credit card, the bank is protecting you
    from someone else using your card number without your permission!

    Please respond to this email within 48 hours, if we do not get a reply, your order will be put on hold.

    Thank you very much.

    Sacha Polak

    Sales Department
    FAX +31 20 4231474
  2. just e-mail and ask if another form of ID would be acceptable. faxing a photocopy of your credit card does not sound like a legit third part authorization or even a first party authorization from said bank. always good to err on the side of caution with shit like that.
  3. I e-mailed twice, no response yet.
    Honestly I've ordered from some small stores on the net, nowhere near as big as grasscity, and never had this problem. I've ordered overseas as well (I'm in Canada.)
    I'm really sketched out, and am also curious what kind of practice it is to ask for something such as this, and if its even legit.
  4. If it matters it was a large order for about $500 USD.
  5. I moved this to General Feedback for you. :)
  6. Thanks, had no idea where to place this.
  7. Well I can tell you this place is most definitely "legit".

    Just wait for Sacha to get back to you and go from there :)
  8. I guess. It's been a day or two now I think, no response, I opened a ticket.
    I'm worried. At the worst they can still refund me as it hasn't been shipped, right?
    I selected 3 day shipping and hoped I'd have the order by today or yesterday as I placed it last wednesday, I thought 3 days after payment it would have been shipped, and I'd get it this wednesday or thursday (3 day ups shipping.)
  9. It is alegitamte request we do, we do it with large orders, or if the payer/receiver addresses differ. It is something we can aks for, we do this against creditcard fraud.

  10. I see.
    I spoke with some people and nobody told me they would do it, some said other sites have requested it to but they just never bothered.
    At this point I've responded. If this is really necessary I don't care and my order can be cancelled. It's been longer then I wanted to wait, so if my order isn't being shipped in a day or two anyway then whatever. I was hoping to have my stuff at this point.
    Anyway I've been following this up with Sacha. There were some really unique items available from this site like the spleaf and a few other things, but I might just settle for my local headshops goods if this is really necessary.

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