Grasscity Order Not recieved - No reply to emails, WTF??

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Vir Infractus, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. So this is a last resort. I hate to air a grievance with Grass City here in the forums, but I have no other alternative. My son ordered some stuff for me for Christmas 2011. The merchandise, totalling over $100. was never received. To date, GrassCity has not responded to any attempts at resolve this issue via e-mail. There is no other way to contact GrassCity. So what, did my son get ripped off? What kind of customer service is this? No reply to a dozen emails? Nothing in 5 months of trying to get some communication going. This is bullshit. Beware if you order form GrassCity. You might not get your goods and they will keep your money and never respond to your emails asking where your stuff is.

    Nice job GrassCity. You've lost several customers.
  2. your son ehh?
  3. Post this in Feedback and/or PM SuperJoint if you haven't.
  4. Who gives a shit if its son. Regardless grasscity needs to step up and do their job.
    I remember i ordered some items in late November 2010 and didnt recieve it until mid January 2011. Bullshit, nuff said.
  5. Superjoint? Got it, will PM SJ. Thanks!

  6. you do realize the gc shop is in another country right

  7. You do realize that the year is 2012 and we have transportation methods that can ship items around the world in less then a day right?
  8. You do realize that different shipping methods offer different tracking options and times right?

    Bathroom is free this morning. :smoking:
  9. ^^From what I've heard, most of the people who pay for faster shipping (obviously people voice complaints louder than compliments) don't get it any faster because of customs since GC is international.
  10. putting these in the correct section, is the best way to do it.... even though the forum and shop are completely separate entities

  11. you do realize that those shipping methods cost hundreds of dollars right/

    the dude obviously didn't pay for express shipping.

    so what you are saying has zero relevance.

  12. need an order #, please PM that to me, but no reply for customer service at all is weird, why haven't you addresses this sooner, we are almost three months down the raod? Anyway, please get me thst info and I'll make sure support contacts you, thank you

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