Grasscity or headshop?

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  1. So I've ben looking around to purchase a new bong, having my previous one purchased from grass city broken. Im in a bit of dilemma tho on where to buy one. I was up at my smoke shop yesterday and they had some bongs that looked cool all for 100, but from the distance i was at the glass looked really thin and fragile. the one i want from grass city would be around 130, as well as the wait. However the grass city bong, blaze glass, i had was a VERY nice bong and I'm wondering if i should just get off here for the few extra bucks and wait. help :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. i cant speak for you and your experience, but if grass city offers a thicker bong for the price, and more diffusion go for that. whichever one offers the best deal (price, thickness, diffusion) go for that. grasscity does give us this incredible forum as well
  3. Ugh the wait is really excruciating but if u think u can get a better piece on GC, i wouldn't be hasty with buying from ur LHS.....a good piece is worth the wait
  4. I would try Aqua Lab Technologies. Look up their site on Google. They have lots of high-end glass and lots of really great glass for cheap.
  5. thank you all for the replays! i think i may go for the GC piece, but I'm going to give my headship a bit more of inspection. And i will also check out aqua labs. thanks again! :bongin:
  6. imo although aqua offers top quality, they're generally really expensive

  7. Lol wut.
  8. You receive what you pay for so look for an affordable efficient piece.

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