GrassCity Only - The Vaults Bodhi Seeds Competition

Discussion in 'Grasscity Contests' started by George - The Vault, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. honey this ended on march 25th you also need to change your username so it's not your email adress
  2. What a cool deal. Love these little give aways. Way to go guys.
  3. I'm in thanks for supporting the community.
  4. I'm officially licking windows now
  5. Do the schnasberries taste like schnasberries?
  6. Only ever grown nirvana seeds, but I'd be cool with trying something different to see if there's actually a difference
  7. Guys this ended long ago!
  8. Im definitely in need im out of beans as we speak not even a bag seed to start

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  9. Competition hells yea

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