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  1. am loving reading these comments ,notheing better to do at this time in the morning waking n vapeing and leaving awsome comments about how great the vault is with its massive promotions,competitions and hooking me up with grass city and 420 connect communitys and forums ,please join 420 connect and build a huge community and win our war on medicinal cannabis,and i know for a fact the vault will always help,without having to ask twice,amazing awsome  best costomer services ,amazing strains regs fems medicinal,n lovely woman on there vault logos :) nice keep them comming,and only livingstone so right on all our doorsteps ,so why go else where when your order is in your hands within 2 days and option of stealth shipping,everytime ive got an order there deliverd and in my hand in 2 days max,no a week or a fortnight like a seed bank a wont mention as there assholes who never sent my mates seeds and kept calling em pm them and kept saying they had been posted first class,but couldnt tell him who sighned for it ?so stay away from seed city,unless u want to pay over the odds and not recieve your order,anyway who needs them now ive introduced him to the vault,was a busy day posting flyers on sunday and i got stopped at the church and asked what i was doing ,so i told him putting flyers under wiper blades to stop them blowing away,and handed him about 20 flyers and sayd read this and please hand them out,a dont think he even new what they meant but he took them n let me finish the cars,one love auld man who ever u were about 80 year old,deffo no security lol,so get over to face book n try your luck at this awsome Bodhi seeds Promotion
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  2. Dang, take a breath dude! :smoke:
  3. congrats to all the winners
  4. I need air just reading that too
    Funny everyone here is discussing frisian dew! I just picked up some frisian "duck" (ducksfoot hybrid) from dinafem through the vault yesterday :) well received my order. 

    Anyone grow the ducksfoot cross?
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    The Only Duck croosed I have seen is
    The Turt duckling...............................
  7. Heres frisian duck

    im going to acquire some ducks foot beans and back cross :)
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    Haha, your pic didnt load before.

    If that existed id probably own that animal. Lol. I love turtles/tortoises!

    And who doesnt love ducks man?

    Heres our desert tortoises munchin on one of his favorite foods LOL
    my wife told me the other day he eats hamburgers and cheese and i tripped out :LOL:
    ~ poke
  9. Thanks for a great contest ! Everybody who won treat em right comps r great
    [​IMG]            [​IMG]                   [​IMG]                       [​IMG]                         [​IMG]
                    [​IMG]                       [​IMG]                        [​IMG]                           [​IMG]
    [​IMG]                           [​IMG]                        [​IMG]                       [​IMG]                          [​IMG]
    Congratulations to the other winners and big thanks to The Vault Seedbank and Bodhi Seeds!!!!!!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!
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    Got my bodhi seeds and goodies thanks jack and the team at vault seeds
  12. Good luck to all. I am still trying to figure out how to use everything on Grasscity, PLEASE IF I HAPPEN TO WIN SOMEONE SEND ME A PM ON FB  WITH THE LINK TO THIS SITE...... MUCH LOVE The Vault, Jack Vault, Grasscity... 
  13. Yes thank you Jack Vault, The Vault!!!!!!  I am learning how to use this web page, still a little lost but will figure it out soon 'Hopefully'. As you all see now I have put a pic on my profile, and edited my profile as well. MUCH LOVE, and RESPECT TO ALL.. "HAPPY GROWING"
  14. My seeds arrived today. Thanks to The Vault!
  15. I love this competition thise is an awesome giveaway. I can't afford Bodhi seeds. That's just the truth. I love there goji og. I might buy some next go around. I really like the Vault. Maybe i might see my name.
  16. comps over dude.sorry
  17. just got my Bodhi's.      woooo for apollo 11 Genius! [​IMG]
    and a huge thx to the guys at the vault! [​IMG]
    Technically I was only halfway to more then 1 free gift and these boys were sweet enough to send me 2.
    awww shucks fellas, gonna make me blush [​IMG]
  18. Ready for grow season! 710

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