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Discussion in 'Grasscity Contests' started by George - The Vault, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. I kinda wanted to win to get a T-shirt.. Free T-shirts are the best lol
  2. Just finished my order of Dutch Passions Frisian Dew seeds lol shoukd of checked here first. I really thought this one I had in the bag hahha. Loki is solid dude though! I dont think he's ever won either. Again congratulations to everyone who won!
  3. What a great thing to wake up to!..thanks george, jack and everyone at the vault for the awesome hookup hopefully be able to wear my new shirt to hash bash =)..also cant wait to see what bodhi did with the tk thanks again im super excited if u cant tell lol
  4. Oh and congrats to everyone else cant wait to see some new bodhi threads =)
    Yeah that would be much appreciated if the winners were to post pics :)
  6. Congrats guys awesome winnings!
  7. I may pass these seed on but dunno yet i feel like i wanna give backnto the city to those who i know on here but sometimes the seeds are outta people price range thanks vault seeds :)
  8. amen brother! I was thinking of the same thing! Of course had I won, which I didnt.
  9. statements like these are what makes this community so incredible!...but that is the way of the weed! Cheers mates!
  10. Grats :) and you Jak!

  11. Lol plant height tall.... some lst may be in order :) and i havent forgotten what i said... ;)
  12. Just recieved a HUGE order from the vault. You guys are legit!

    Mucho respecto!
  13. i'm here at the Vault party!! [​IMG]
  14. Congrats winners!
  15. omg that friskian dew looks sooooo bomb I wanna grab me some
  16. Careful with that fristian dew shes a tall plant ment for outdoors :) lovely plant tho and you know i love Dp thats all inhave in my tent right now Dp seeds haha :)

    No never won a thing so happy and shareing the love..;)
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    Me and some blades over in jumpers journal are going to do a friendly grow off. The Friskian Dew by Dutch Passion was the winner, we are growing in 3g pots with a 20 day veg time. Heres the link

    We are still waiting on some guys to get there seeds. Clearly everyone ordered from The Vault.. they are just the best bank ive dealt with.
  18. Im glad to see you win. Definitely deserve it. I had a blade show me a picture of one grown outside. It was 4m tall! Thing was a beast. Im not sure how im going to keep this thing small lol
  19. Lst it hard man start early
  20. finaly got in ,forgot ma password ,know on to the vault,av posted to facebook ans left awsome comments tags likes shares ,so if you aint done it,get on to it,2 awsome guys,with amazing genetics,awsome knolage and great activists,i had never met jack b4 and one day i got a pm saying i was on the guestlist for project storm,now how awsome was that,and from then on av checked there prices to other seed banks n the vault wins hands down and always giving that bit extra with your order,i dont use them for the extras ,there medicinal strains help me so much that idd b lost without the vault,and the info i need i just pm george or jack and there on it within mins wi an answer ,or a reply,now thats awsome customer service,also with stealth shipping,and seems everytime im on fb there doing another comp,all i can say if youve never been to the vaults website and fb page u dont know what your missing out on,met so many great freinds through vault comps thats made me haooier than actually winning,and jack is an awsome activist n fights for what should be right a choise of medicinal cannabis or prescribed meds,ive got chronic pancreitus and have only half a pancreus and rely on using morphine and codine everyday and loads of anti biotics because ive no spleen and rely heavilly on cbd strains which dont lead to other drug use or a gateway drug,think how many peeps die a year due to pharmacutical drugs and how many from medicinal canabis ,a big huge massive zero have died using medicinal cannabis which helps me better than morphine and with no side effects and i can get out and about without carring morphine with me a just vape my cbd strain.many thanks to all at the vault seed store for all your help info and great comps since ive known u guys and got loads of people ordering from u and visiting the there seed bank and fb page which is great fun,and always getting wicked strains of so many and if your not fast your last n therer gone for good,so please checj=k em out and u will love the vault,now over to 430 connect to leave awsome comments for the vault,as u can win if u use grass city face book a blog 420 connect great community like grass city and alot of great ideas knowlage n help from these forums,if it wasnt for the vault ,i wouldnt of even knew they exicted,so glad i did ,only take 5 min to sighn up,so massive thanks for another awsome chance to try and win and love the new t shirt i seen someone wi one on ,wicked,had to stop n talk to him he was from edinburgh and was in ek shopping centre with it on,and he loved the vault,great guy and a pure gentleman you would never of thought he used medicinal weed for PTSD and came of his medication,antidepresents with using a cbd strain,so there 2 people that cbd is better than pharmacutical drugs,n he looked fantastic,told him about flyering and he had done a bit aswell,awsome lets get this party rocking wi awsome comments and awsome prises to giveaway,mothers mik sounds amazing like wee milky tricombe heads,thanks for reading this please check em out for just a look and you will b on there everyday,well i am anyway for as much info as i can get about growing tips ,new strains,activism,one love to all at the vault,
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    get in on this awsome strain for achance to own some  Bodhi Seeds in this great cannabis seed promotion from the one n only The Vault,Amazing promotion for these bodhi seeds 3 chances to win so get in for the chance to win:)

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