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Discussion in 'Grasscity Contests' started by George - The Vault, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. These are some fire genetics the vault are giving away again
  2. Good luck guys hope some good ppl win id love to see these seeds go to someone who has patients to help them give some meds out we know some here do grow for others and dont charge its these people who should win the seeds. Good luck guys
  3. Like this guy!
    Haha im down with your cause Loki! Its all about getting the medicine to people who actually need it. Shit I would donate my winnings (if I win) if there was someone in need. I wonder if theres a charity like that? "Send your seeds for people in need"
  4. lets do this guys
  5. Yeh m8 gorilla dne comp on ma Facebook page weedland UK pop over!!
  6. If i was to win theres a few ppl id ask if theyvwanted the seeds i know i dont NEED them. Ill put my entry in but its not like im broke and need to grow i know theres ppl on here that do and i know there ppl on here that think they do lol theres a difference.

    It would be cool to have a seed charity sort of thing
  7. Hell yeah Loki!!!! Respect!

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    I think although bodhi seeds would be a nice addidion to my grow if i was to win id see if they could be sent to someone more deserving maybe even someone who didnt enter this comp i have plenty seeds in stock so i wouldnt need them. Im doing this on the holiseeds comp thread but if i win i know who its going to. :) i mean the chances of winning is low.

    I know there are people on here who pop seeds without the intention of smoking it but making medibles or oils for friends and family or loved ones with various illnesses much worse than most on here and its them people that deserve it and need reconition.
  9. I would love to try some buddha fire, always a space in my garden for a some new genetics.
    How about sending some Appalachia(x) to the Appalachians [​IMG]
  11. nice strains..witch me luck
  12. Tomorrow everyone! [​IMG]  
    Don't forget to enter the competition!
  13. As always a new comp im late too because Jack is soo generous!
    My go too guy when i need seeds

  14. Omg can't wait!
  15. Ill see the results by the time i wake in the am, good luck loki😉, and everybody else good luck!, Thank you george for the great raffle for the chance at genetics that most of us would never have access to for a multitude of reasons, so that is what makes this such an amazing opportunity that you and the vault have made a reallity...👍👍 keep blaizin and stay amazin!
    Good luck RED BEARD!  I'm bout to crash too, hope to see the winners in the morning [​IMG]
    Good luck to everyone else too!
  17. It's almost time :)
  18. Morning All 😊
  19. Good luck all

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