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Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by EastCoastToke, May 21, 2012.

  1. Do any of you blades use Twitter? I just opened one up for all my stash shit @EastCoastToke & made a youtube page EastCoastTokeTV for milking videos and things I'll be posting.

    If you guys are on Twitter, follow me then mention me & I'll get back to you. I post up high ideas, pics of buds, glass, and stash pics from time to time!

    High Idea 001 .. & its 4am >.<
  2. I have a Twitter for my music but never got into it, will def sub on YouTube though.

    a facebook fan page wouldn't hurt, I'd follow that shit as well

    btw watched the video you posted in another thread, with the variety bong load. was a good watch.

    I enjoy seeing what people use to smoke, strains and tools. dope grinder and nice shake box
  3. Thanks man, Ill get more into it based off what the YouTube brings. If I get a lot of subscribers half the world watches then I'd deff open up a Facebook and maybe more.. lets see where this goes.

    I shout Grasscity out every video and every discription of my videos.. so either way its helping out the City.

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