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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by l StayHigh l, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. A glass trading forum, sort of like PbNation has. A huge paintball community forum where you can also trade your high end paintball guns, gear, etc, and get feedback for doing so.

    If only the same trust could be involved ( done many trades on pbnation ) and grasscity would let it, and IF IT WAS LEGAL lol, I would so be into trading my illadelph setup for someone elses sick setup up here instead of having to buy a new bong. Alco + Salt makes a bong brand new anyways, even the slide and diffusor.

  2. I dunno man very very dangerous. Don't get me wrong it would be fucking amazing but RESIN is the biggest problem.
  3. well if people cleaned their glass like they should, it wouldn't be a problem. they'd have no reason to check it if it didn't smell or anything. just like buying a new pipe online

  4. yeah dude, i dont think its illegal actually...if you clean your glass all the way, which would obviously be required, then its just like shipping a damn vase. and as far as the trust thing goes, dont be an idiot and you wont get fucked. Theres a ton of people on here i know i would do business with, and its easy to point out the ones you wouldnt. I think this is a great idea tho
  5. This idea has been brought up before, and unfortunately, we cannot allow it. There are a lot of legal issues that come into play, as well as potential liabilities for GC, and also the fact that this is an on-line head shop... So it would kinda end up being in competition with the shop.

    ...And for the record, threads like this would go in the General Feedback section. ;)
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