Grasscity minecraft server

Discussion in 'General' started by Blank1268, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I am willing to pay to host one if anyone thinks it would be fun. I could take polls on what you guys want it to be about and it could be cool.
  2. inb4 make weed city.
  3. this is grasscity not grasscityminecraftservercity.

    some people never learn.

  4. lol wtf?

    This is grasscity guys, not allowed to talk about anything else, especially in general. :rolleyes:
  5. Sorry man I'll actually answer you, I'm not interested I appreciate you making an effort though
  6. Alright. I mean, i think this could be quite a bit of fun if we got some people involved
  7. there already is a GC server, its called partycraft, search
  8. Thats not necessarily the GC server, it's just a server on GC
  9. well you cant use gc's name either way
  10. Oh, I know. I don't want any lawsuits or anything xD It's just that server just happens to be advertising on GC, but I want to create a server that will kinda conform to what the people of GC want it to be
    If I get enough support.
  11. lol.... only people on GC are allowed to play on that server, ive been playing on it since day 1
  12. Minecraft is cool.
  13. You have my support friend.

    Partycraft is full of mostly 13-16 year olds from my experience. You also run the chance of getting banned for no reason also

    You would be better off starting a new one ya have my vote :)
  14. id be interested fo sho

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