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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by numnumkush, May 8, 2011.

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    So im chillin here vaping in my closet. Im lookin at grass city through my Iphone grass city app and im reading treads. I get great thrill out of the like button haha. Anyone else agree they should add it?
  2. Why the hell are you vaping in your closet?
  3. We have a like button, lmao.

    He's trying to get to narnia.
  4. Lol what he said^
  5. Because I live under my parents roof still so I can't exactly vape anywhere I want on mothersday so I closet sesh to hide it and smell. But I can't like any post on my iPhone
  7. So when are you going to come out of the closet?
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    Agreed man, agrees
  9. Visit GC on Safari with your iPhone.
    You can "like" your little heart out from the depths of that closet.

  10. I gave you a like but then I took it away when I saw you didn't know we had a like button
  11. Okay obviously you aren't using the gc app so you have no idea what I'm talking about

  12. This.
  13. Classic comebacks. I am loving it.
  14. Holy shit dude you got so many likes for that!

    I actually am against the like system. This isn't facebook.. jus sayin
  15. Yeah i'm a big fan of it lol. little less then rep it seems.
  16. screw the like button, i'm glad they don't have it on the iphone.

    btw you question has been answered man, use safari on your iphone.
  17. Yes I realized that. What's funny when I used safari it always prompts me to use the app. Aha crazy, oh wellz!
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    or we can just get an app update that has "like" added to the quote/share/report button. why have the app period since we can just use safari, youuu knowwww?
  19. hahaha jesus ik. obviously 70 others agreed. That would be very convenient if they added it to the quote/share/report

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