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  1. I lied it's not really Karaoke. It's karaoke where you sing with your fingers, i guess.

    Ok here's the name of the game, take a song you like (or don't like) and change the lyrics into something funny. The only rule is that they have to fit into the original song.

    I made this for another thread, but I like it so I'll post it again. It's my version of hangar 18 by megadeth.

    Megafat - 18 meals

    Welcome to my refrigerator
    I'll take some time to show you around
    Impossible for you to eat this all
    for you see your girth is much to small

    eighteen meals a day i stuff my face
    but still i want to eat more food

    Possibly I'm a fat shit
    meal number 18
    I still want more

    (guitar solo)

    Full of food, my stomach's stretching
    people smell me, then start retching
    Fat as hell but still i'm gorging
    hundreds of tons of food i'm hoarding

    nutrition and moderation
    such words as these don't cross my mind

    Possibly I'm a fat shit
    Meal number 18
    I still need more

    Now what's everyone else got?

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