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Grasscity, it is with deep regret that inform you of...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by buffEt, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Our fellow blade Smokentoke420's situation. I just talked to him and one of his friend's about an hour ago over AIM. When I talked to Smokentoke, he sounded way fucked up and his typing was all messed up, but I thought it was just the "good" fucked up like he normally is when I talk to him. Then he told me his friend wanted to talk to me, which I thought was a lil strange. His friend gives me a "Hey", followed by "He's going to be in some DEEP shit."

    He just got air evac'd out in a chopper to the hospital. They said they had to put him in a medical induced coma, or else the pain would be unbearable. He's gonna have to be in the hospital for a couple days. But it's not looking too good. They said there's around a 35% chance he might not wake up from the coma. And there's a chance he could flat line at any minute.

    When I heard all this, I couldn't believe this. Smokentoke is definitely one of the people I'm closest to on GC. I was planning to drive up north to where he lives, a good couple hours away from me, just so I could meet him and chill and have a sesh or whatnot. Please God, let that still be a possibility in the future.

    Here's a convo we had a couple days before this shit:

    xx: dogg
    MAS: waddup
    xx: i got aids :(
    xx: doctor jus called n told me
    MAS: WTF
    xx: ok, i lied
    xx: lol
    xx: but im so fuckin LIFTED
    MAS: hahahahaha motherfucker

    That motherfucker. Made me laugh my ass off. Pull through mayne. Ain't the way or the time to go out.

    I'll be updating as more info comes. Keep him in your prayers, guys.

  2. I dont know what to say...

    Buffet knows whats up, And smoken knows i care..
  3. Oh god. :cry: I hope he pulls through.
  4. uh, any more info?

    What exactly happened to him?

    hopefully he is ok :(
  5. what happened?

    did he od? what?
  6. Oh shit. I hope he's alright. Wow. I don't know what to say...
  7. Yeah, he's a really good dude. I'll be hoping for the best, how is he doing?
  8. Smokentoke :(

    My prayers go out to him and his family, hope you get to stay around with us man.
  9. From Bliz Nati:

    "Please if there is a thread. Comment that i personaly am praying he makes it"
  10. awwh what a cool dude. always nice never had a bad thing to say. he doesn't deserve this karma. I'm rolling a blunt in his honor tommorow.:(
  11. :eek: :(

    Thats one hell of a mistake to make with your life. I hope he pulls through.
  12. He knew that there were people here worried about him, but he had it all figured out
  13. Damn... Smokentoke is definitely one of my favorite people here, I hope everything turns out okay.

    Stay tough Smokentoke. I'm going to smoke a bowl for you now.
  14. hope hes OK

    what exactly happened buffet?
  15. A lot of people have been asking what happened, but his mother personally said that she doesn't feel people need to know the details. WHEN Smokentoke recovers, it's up to him if he'll wanna tell you guys or not. But I'm going to abide by his mother's wishes.
  16. i am saddened.... but far from suprised.
  17. Fuuuuck.. a 35% chance of him not coming out of the coma?????


    This bowl is for you, smoke
  18. Yes, right here I believe:


    Smokentoke420 is in my prayers.
  19. just for pain they had to medically induce a coma? couldn't they just knock him out to sleep?

    im sure there is an explanation, but im not understanding that part from the info you've given.
  20. I wish we could know if it was drugs, or an accident... Nothing specific, just the basics of why he's hospitalized.

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