Grasscity Is scamming me?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by GravityBong99, Sep 13, 2009.

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    I ordered about 65 dollars worth of stuff here on the 18th of August. I didnt receive it and its passed more than 3 weeks. I contacted the support and they were just saying lies and stuff. They said that I placed an order on the 16th. ----No i didnt I placed it on the 18th. And they said my credit card payment company didnt come through. I checked and it did. I tried to keep talking with the support, and they stopped. A little bit suspicious here? Please help me. I'm trying to get this stuff for my 21st birthday but it hasnt come? What should I do? By the way I did tell SuperJoint or the admin. here and he hasn't replied?
  2. thnx I'll try that
  3. If you have your order number, contact superjoint directly. He is the owner of the site, and he is more than accommodating. He will definitely make sure it gets sorted out. Just try to be patient, though. He is a very busy person.
  4. OP I can assure you that I've ordered from grass city and they are legit. I ordered just over $100 in August and it came 2 weeks after shipping, took 1 week to ship.

    They will straighten you out don't worry.
  5. send a support request to with your order number again, I will make sure they will take solve it.

  6. Hey there I have the same concern. I ordered my pipe & bong on the 9/4/09 and it says that it's 'completed' but I have not yet received my order yet and it's the 14th. I'm giving them 2-3 weeks... and hopefully it comes by then.
  7. You do realize everything ships from Holland, right?

    Where do people keep getting the idea that international shipping is a fast as local shipping? It's been 10 days. You have no concern.

  8. uh... thanks. i guess i have no concern at all then.
  9. I received an order in about 12 days. They did ship me a wrong item, but the issue was resolved to my complete satisfaction. Customer service was very understanding and apologetic about the mixup. I would most definitely buy from them again. :D
  10. so basically u just get lucky or not when ur order sounds alittle fucked up to me?
  11. lol the customer service people were "chilling out" that day lmfao
  12. Ey did you read what I wrote. It's practically been one month:eek:
  13. thnx they said they got mine messed up but they never replied after that???:p
  14. :cool:
  15. Yea practically

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