Grasscity Is Being Shut Down :(

Discussion in 'General' started by 2Packed, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Ok, it's been confirmed, Grasscity is being shut down just like Overgrow was :(

    Just got the message from IndianaToker :eek: :(

    April Fool's! :D
  2. Saw that one from a mile away
  3. best way to put
  4. yea me too
  5. Still worth a try though wasn't it :D
  6. yea i guess lol
  7. lame, better luck next year
  8. Good try... but it was def. fishy from the start.
  9. shit got me...haha ashamed to say it..
    how could i not though, first OG, then i sign up for canabuscultivation then 2 weeks latter it gets shut down..
    almost started to cry when i read the post,...dam u guys!!haha
    was a good one though,...!
  10. Sad,I'm high and I still saw that better luck next year :p.
  11. hahaha! for a second my heart sank in my chest! haha, my thoughts: "WHA!?!?........ohhhhhh. duuuhhhhhhh april fool's. fuck you." haha, :cool: even tho it took me a minute hahaha, i love gc.
  12. haha why would they pm somone whos only been around for a few months? i think they are capable of posting it themselves

    so i saw RIGHT through it

  13. No, I was making out like it was a general PM that you might have not got/noticed yet....

    Come on man, don't pick it to pieces, it was only a joke :rolleyes: :D
  14. ^^^:p
  15. dude 2packed, ya got me man I was like god damnn it haha nice one
  16. my butthole clinched up for a moment...ouch....glad to see some lights on this hoast`
  17. Wtf man they aint cool you dont know how much I love this whole entire site bro
  18. Lol at least make it a little convincing :(
  19. fuck, you got me :( i forgot all about april fools and its now april 2nd :( i guess its to late to get anyone.

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