Grasscity is a big populatiry contest.

Discussion in 'General' started by CasualChronic, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Not everyone, but a majority of the people on this site are here to gain rep and popularity.

    Dont hate, but what are your views on this issue?
  2. this is not true.
    this site to gain knowledge in marijuana growing and usage and talk about it with fellow peers who enjoy the same hobby...

    that is all
  3. is someone not feeling appreciated??
    im sorry dude.

    thats not meant in a bitchy sarcastic way
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    yeah this is it right here

    whats the point of being popular on an online forum anyways?
  5. To make up for a lack of actual respect from people you know personally, I presume.
  6. My point exactly.
  7. LOL, this is funny. It's not that hard to gain rep anyways...
  8. whats your point?
  9. Just a outspoken mind vent lol.

    Was just in an argument with someone over this exact topic.

    The point is, who cares about rep on an online forum.
  10. I dont know about anyone else.. but i just go on the site when im bored to talk about weed, im not really concerned with what anybody else on the site may think about me, i dont really care about my rep.

  11. sorry man, almost every gathering of society, whether its face to face, or online, will always have this "problem" if you call it a problem.

    personally i think its human nature for each of us to strive to be the best, and why exclude knowledge of smoking, and smoking in general?

    its pretty obvious when people are blowing smoke up the ass, or when they truly hold secrets we wait to obtain.

    good topic, but again, i dont see it as a problem. someones gotta be the popular one right? :rolleyes:
  12. I lol'd at this thread.
  13. I long for my e-penis to be the longest in the land, I am still working on it though. :(
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    Who cares?

    It's an online forum. Rep and what not is inconsequential.
  15. I'm sorry, but you are completely wrong. This is probably one of the best forum communities there are.
  16. Some people don't have very good social skills, which is why some come to a forum for some attention. Others, like myself, just like talking about anything dealing with MJ. Whether it be a forum, or hanging with buddies. What you do in your spare time shouldn't be judged. Does it matter that much anyway?
  17. do you really think that people just join the city to get rep? really? i mean all the people i know go to this site to ask questions with the main topic being "marijuana." i dont know anyone who comes to this website to get rep. idk just my personal thoughts
  18. You got a LOOOONG way to go to catch up to me :)
  19. is there any e-vaginas?

    cuz all I see is e-penises
  20. Y'all still ain't got shit on me, son.

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