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Discussion in 'General' started by Tonyizzle, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Someone should start writing some things down keeping track of the history of grasscity. It sounds cool to me.. Like members who have passed away, critical changes in the rules/layout or other things like that. My bad if this has already been suggested. :smoking:
  2. no loveeee
  3. bro i feel you, but i have only been here for about a month so the only changes i know about are the changes on the clock...?
  4. Yeah I agree bro. Now that I have found a home here I would like to know more about it. Maybe some kind of archive of important points of GC. A whos who of GC and impotant dates and events. Great Idea, all to increase our knowledge of this community.
  5. My only problem with it is, if you didn't know the people who posted then why would you care? If I told you Harry4459868 accidently ODed 4 years ago, while a tragic story, would you really care?
  6. Ah I feel you bro it's a good idea. Haha we should archive when the trolls invaded and members can respond to certain events like "haha "insert crazy shit here"
  7. I'm not sure on this subject, but isn't this the place where all the OG members went after that forum shut down?
  8. Most. Some went to /icmag

    As for me, I came here :p but I waited a lil while lol
  9. Tell Us Ur Historiez!
  10. Youre right. Nobody would care.

    It would have to be general history that would be interesting to anyone, no matter how much time has passed.
  11. we did get alot of refugees from the overgrow fiasco..but it was hear long before that came about, which i waas here for..we had a troll invasion that same time, as overgrow's rules were a hell of a lot different than ours, but you can find survivors hear still..just dont know which ones they are

  12. That I would be all for. Say a history of the coffee shop and how that led to the setting up of a very popular website. Maybe even a little background on the people who originally setup the site.
  13. i came from OG, shit was the bomb
    gc is dope, but OG will always have a place in my heart as well
    its more chill here id say, but if you really wanted to grow, OG was your best bet imo
  14. And yay SuperJoint did sayeth to RMJL "With this I annoint you as my enforcer to stop the children and fools from posting." SuperJoint then donned RMJL with the banstick, and it was good.

    Fuck, I did my best at wording that like the bible but I've never actually read the bible so it didn't work out the way I wanted it to. :cool:
  15. I dunno to much about the history... I first found this site to buy pipes and bongs then found the forum and lurked around the place... Quit getting online for a little bit and then made an account when I started to get online again. I always think its crazy when I see people who joined in 2003 and whatnot, didn't know it was around then and it baffles my mind, yo.

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