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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Greenbudlover, May 7, 2011.

  1. This is my first time growing, Idk whts wrong with my babey!! It looks like it stretching but it shouldnt need to o_O it 13 hours of sun , and a couple hours of indirect sunlight, but some of the leave are bending ? and on the top leaves theres like white streaks and white dots on the leaves, there are no bugs tho.
  2. they stretch in search of light. get your light closer.
  3. the light is like an inch away..?
  4. any advise on the white lines on the leaves ?
  5. Nope sorry I don't see any white lines in your picture taken.
  6. I dont have a camera or a cell . . :\
  7. GBL,

    Here's the good news. You're right now situated on the website that has all your answers, so you're in the right place. But the Blades of the City can't really help much without at least photos, so if you can't post those you're going to have to rely on the wisdom that's already here.

    For example, there's a thread somewhere - if you search a little - about "what's wrong with my plants." And there are picture examples of all kinds of problems with plants and what to do. Your white spot question may be answered there. If it isn't answered there, then there are tons of grow threads to read to compare your setup with others and see if anyone has had a similar problem. In short, use your resources - in Grass City, the resources are vast.
  8. Hmm.. Can i take a photo with a webcam on here ?
  9. go for it
  10. Sure I've done it before.

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