Grasscity full of losers and kids

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by yotopgun, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. thanks for the negative score on my rep dickheads. just for stating my opinion. now i will cancel my account and stay with rollitup where there is loyalty and respect. not punk ass kids who call people names and dont get banned, this site is fucking lame. :wave: see ya losers. i will be at rollitup from now on where the real growers are. not punk asses like grasscity.
  2. Have a nice day :)

  3. Im pretty sure your the one acting like a "punk ass kid".
  4. Well. you're a poo-head.
  5. Wahhhh. Cry me a river bitch.

  6. Did you make another thread so you could get more rep like you wanted? Heres some for you:D

  7. hahaha you all are just proving my point. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! hahahahahaha. your all just proving me right. thanks for the comments. hahahahah. obviously i could care less what immature kids think of me here. so go ahead and give negative karma and keep up with the immature comments. you only add to the REP on sites like rollitup.
  8. Wait..........I have a feeling you do not like it here.
  9. Did anyone else feel grasscity get cooler after reading his post?

    Good Riddance.

  10. You complain about having no karma, yet you act out like this. Do you expect us to just ignore you? No

    You insult Gc, you are insulting us. Were a damn family here.

  11. im glad you think so. because what you think is cool is just ridiculously rude and bad behavior. i now see this community is infested with people the likes of common criminals. this thread has been posted over at Rollitup to show that community why this one is beneath them.
  12. than you support the negative posts and immature behavior of your community. good for you. gotta have something to believe in. i just think Rollitup has better people. nicer people. no rude people. this site is for armatures. kids who want to talk shit on ther peoples grows. and people who want to treat you badly. i just pointed it out and all of you come flying out of the woodwork. this community you call a family is really pathetic.
  13. B.O.H.I.C.A.

    Bend over here it comes again, but I'm sure your used to that. Good bye :wave:

  14. Dont give me negative rep kid. GTFO.
    Anyone wanna rep me? :smoke::smoke:

  15. youl get what you deserve. i only speak the truth and give rep or -rep to those who deserve it.
  16. Too bad it's grey....
  17. Your -rep doesnt mean anything anyways...
  18. Yeah and werent you just preaching about how Rollitup is great because you can only give +rep? -repping anyone just makes you seem like a dick man...
  19. to bad your rep isnt worth anything kid....

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