Grasscity Fantasy Football Anyone? On ESPN.

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Anthonyajm216, May 19, 2010.

  1. Not sure how many people would be interested, but I made a league with 12 teams..

    League is set-up like this:


    PositionStartersMaximumQuarterback (QB)14Running Back (RB)28Wide Receiver (WR)28Tight End (TE)13Team Defense/Special Teams (D/ST)13Place Kicker (K)13Bench (BE)7N/A


    Bongs and Bowls instead of East and West. lol. If you want in a certain divison, let me know so i can switch.. if i can, lol.

    Waivers and Such..

    We will be using an auction to sign free agents. You secretly bid on players and on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you will be awarded those players.. Seems more fun..

    Trading/Trade Deadline

    Unlimited Trades, 4 Votes required to Veto a trade, deadline is Dec. 1st.


    13 Weeks, 8 play-off teams, home team gets 1 point for home field advantage,.


    The draft is on July 24th, which is a Saturday, at 7:30pm. Please try to make it. It's a snake draft, and the order is randomized. There is also draft pick trading.

    It's an email invite only, so if your interested, please post email below, or pm me.

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