GrassCity E-Nail Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Heinous Anus, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well.

    I was gifted a HVY Glass Oil Rig yesterday and it came with a Quartz Banger. Looks almost identical to this photo I found on Google.

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a simple and effective e-nail setup. I don't mind a torch, but in the long run, the e-nail will be what I will be using most. As I'm pretty new to the oil world, I'm asking some fellow blades for advice. :)

    I'd love to support GC anyway I can and purchase from here.

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  2. i have the 710 hotbox nail and it works decent. not sure which ones grasscity offers however

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  3. Oh nice, I've heard awesome things from the reviews. How much did you get yours for, if you don't mind me asking?

    At this point, I think I'd like something around the $100-150 range if at all possible as well. I don't mind spending up to about $350. I'd just like to see if there other, just as good options out there, without spending too much if I didn't have to. :)
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  4. I got a High 5 enail recently. I really like it.
  5. anybody remember hookah charcs n the old glass bell?
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    Which one of these did you get, one of them that are only $110? I have been looking into these recently and that seems like much cheaper than a lot of the others I have seen

    EDIT: What do people think of the d nail analog setup? $250 doesn't seem too bad for a full setup.
  7. i paid a cut of bud because it was a friends before mine. not sure what they go for retail

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  8. Mine was $150.
  9. Thanks...I am currently getting vetoed by the lady on one since we each just spend over 100 on new HE domeless nails and new torches, but next time I need a new nail I will be upgrading to an e nail for sure, torch gets old after a while.
  10. I don't miss the torch at all. Never got comfortable with it.

    I really like that the enail lets me try different temps. The default temp is 710 but I prefer 675.
  11. You leave that shit on all day?

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  12. You don't do like 350 with a carb cap?

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
  13. Now I don't leave it on all day. It heats up in less then 5 minutes.
  14. You wait 5 minutes to dab?

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  15. It's a low temp dab. You have to use a carb cap to keep the smoke. It makes for a way smoother hit and way better taste. You don't get the pain in chest and hard to breath harsh hit.
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    I think I am going to be ordering a High 5 enail with a flat coil soon, but since I am not 100% sure what kind of titanium they use in their nails, I was wondering which Highly Educated nail I should look to get that would be compatible with the high5 and its coil... My current nail is the HE DualTi Domeless and my rig is a 14 mm

    Edit: I am guessing the DualiTI Enail Adapter would be the right one with a 16mm coil so the setup would come to around 200 bucks total, any thoughts?
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    Gunna order the High5 enail with a 16mm coil and a HE DualiTi Enail adapter today, once I get them in the mail I will do some testing and report back to let everyone know if it is a reliable and cheap setup. Should be able to get the nail and the heater/coil for about $200

    Edit: Got my Control Box and Coil and HE Dualiti Enail Adapter in the mail today, once I get over to my ladys house tonight and get everything setup I will report back with how the High 5 enail setup works.
  18. Happy to say I hooked up my new HIgh 5 enail and coil to the HE DualiTi Enail adapter, seasoned the nail then took some nice low temp dabs without a damn torch. So far I am a big fan of the setup. especially getting a decent working enail for about $200

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