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grasscity dippers?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by patmcd10, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Dipped for 5 years and smoked cigs too for about 3 of those years. I think i have finally managed to quit. It's been almost 3 weeks. The only tobacco I do now is when I smoke a blunt. Just think if dipping is really worth it. It's not too hard to quit either.
  2. I think quitting dip is easier than cigs. Cigs are too damn convenient.
  3. Copenhagen whiskey blend mahh fuckaz!!

  4. Is that different than the Burbon blend? I couldn't stand the burbon one. If whiskey is different, I'd try it.

    Dippin' some long cut right now. All this talk about chew got me in the mood. :D
  5. Yea its different than Bourbon, Heres a pic.


    Edit: Is cope and copenhagen 2 different brands???

    I always thought they were the same... -.-

  6. I disagree. Can you smoke in class? In a restaurant? In your school cafeteria? In your house (maybe) in McDonalds? On a train? On a plane? I could go on forever
  7. #27 AgMan, Aug 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2012
    They are the same.

    At least I think they are... Copenhagen's website is, maybe they are adjusting the brand name to fit in with slang. Everyone I know calls copenhagen Cope

  8. No, but I don't chew in these places either. Its just easier for me because my wife would kill me if she knew I chewed on occasion, but she is more tolerable of my smoking (she is an ex smoker, and her grandpa got cancer from chew). I basically chew in secret... But, after I chew for a day I don't want to smoke for a few days, and don't feel the need to chew every 30 minutes.
  9. Yea i only chew when im in school, Im more of a smoker. Its nice throwin a dip in while ur workin tho
  10. [quote name='"AgMan"']Chewing tobacco[/quote]

    lol oh. is that any good ? lol i hate tobaccy but i always wondered how chewing it was. does it taste worst than smoking a cig ?

  11. I chew most when I'm working outside. Smoking is a pain when your doing gardening.
  12. [quote name='420dopeaf']lol oh. is that any good ? lol i hate tobaccy but i always wondered how chewing it was. does it taste worst than smoking a cig ?[/QUOTE

    A nice dip, although an aquired taste, tastes fantastic and really helps me out with cottonmouth.
  13. Man if you get some real chew, like redman,you'll like it. Its flavored with molasses and is just like more natural. The stuff in the cans is fermented. It can taste shitty and the spit smells so nasty. Swallow some spit and you'll be feeling sick. Redmans strong but if you just put in a small pinch its pretty sweet and tastes good. Like copenhagen and other canned kinds are the like camel crushes of dip.
  14. [quote name='"patmcd10"']Any dippers out there on grasscity? Just smoked a fat bowl and im kickin back with a lip of copenhagen wintergreen.[/quote]

    Best dipp ever. Good ol cope WG, miss that shit

    Wound up with 2 lesions in my mouth, had an oral surgeon check it out, shit was fucked

    Killed a tin a day of that shit in my 'prime'
  15. Just picked up a can of it today. It was surprisingly cheaper than my usual Grizzly at Meijer Gas. So.. I thought Id switch it up. I might change for good.
  16. Noone really does that crap here lol seems like more of a southern/rural habit
  17. Always got to put a lip of cope in after a sesh
  18. [quote name='"rememberlove"']

    I know right? I just don't get how a community of POTHEADS can be so judgmental at times.

    at least the naysayers have good intentions...[/quote]

    That's because chewing is a disgusting habit that rots your mouth. Not to mention it causes cancer. It isn't even comparable to smoking weed.
  19. I use snus after Toking only because I don't want to forget to not swallow:/
  20. Just a bit of info you know you can dip weed

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