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grasscity dippers?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by patmcd10, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Any dippers out there on grasscity? Just smoked a fat bowl and im kickin back with a lip of copenhagen wintergreen.

  2. I'm more of a smoker, but love chew... I only chew a few cans per year. I had surgery for a receding gum line awhile back so I try to refrain for the most part...

    Prepare to get preached to by other members shortly...
  3. I have been a life long user of moist snuff. I currently use Grizzly or S&F wintergreen. I love using snuff but it absolutely kills my gums. I have cut back a bit. I wish I never would have started looking back on it. I usually have to get me a pinch after I smoke as well. You only live once so I say whatever gets you through the day. I have found copanheagen to be to fluffy for me. I dont like the taste and it just doesnt last as long as the others.
  4. I'm into cope long cut original... I love that salty leather taste, lol. I do enjoy Kodiak WG too, that shit is strong!
  5. Man, get the Days-o-work plug. Its pretty strong though, just as good as redman
  6. Ohhhh god. I was waiting for this one.
    Yeahhh.. Ive been at half can a day for the past year. Had it for the first time like 2 years ago. I like it better than smoking. Cheaper..hide it smell. I just turned 18 three days ago. Already got the habit. android app said it was all in my head.

    Unfortuantly.. Grizzly Wintergreen is my usual. Although on the night I turned 18 I went and treated myself to some Kodiak Wintergreen. Muchhhhh nicer.

    Im gonna try to stop though. Have more money for weed.:smoke:
  7. Redman is the heroin of chewing tobacco....
  8. Im sure many blades find them selves running from the police all the time. :cool:
  9. #9 420dopeaf, Aug 13, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2012
    Wait whats a dipper ? lmfao noob question but i heard the term before but dk what it means
  10. Chewing tobacco
  11. Kodiak wintergeen, and mostly Kayak since it's so cheap, and I actually like the taste and it's very moist.

    I save the cans and put my weed in there. :smoke:

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  12. your thinking of a dabber, dipper is chewing tobacco
  13. cope all day, I mostly chew winter green or long cut original
  14. [quote name='"AgMan"']

    Prepare to get preached to by other members shortly...[/quote]

    I know right? I just don't get how a community of POTHEADS can be so judgmental at times.

    at least the naysayers have good intentions...

  15. lol people who dont have interesting lives of their own like to get involved in other peoples lives
  16. we used to dip at boarding school when we ran out of weed. we did grizzly wintergreen and skoal. haven't dipped in a loooong time though
  17. Mmm nice refreshing mouth cancer
  18. [quote name='"RyanPwnsU"']Mmm nice refreshing mouth cancer[/quote]

    come on dude......
  19. I like redman.

  20. Have you tried days o work though? Because it's even crazier than redman haha. And it comes wrapped in a giant tobacco leaf which you can roll like 4 blunts with if you cut it right.

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