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  1. I am posting this to inform those who buy paraphernalia or seeds from grasscity .com (AKA "EDIT") what the purchase will look like on a credit card statement or bank statement. Before purchasing a bong from there (Killer - Mr. Black) I researched for what it would show up as when I viewed my transaction history and had very little luck. So I took a chance and it worked out for the better. :)

    It appears as:"WWW.URT1.COM"
    Followed by: 02084270000
    I am unaware if this number is unique to the order however I believe the number is the business ID because when you Google it, pages related to the bongs and such show up. So while URT1 is discreet, searching the number could bring about suspicion.

    I just wanted to make this thread to clear up any confusion and to prevent others from taking a chance like I did.
  2. fuck EDIT
  3. Believe me, If Grasscity had the same bong. I would get it there.
  4. I've ordered from both one time and the delivery time difference was almost 2 months compared to 4 days. You can guess for yourself who took two months, it wasn't anything special I ordered either

  5. I've heard of both companys taking that long.

    I can't guess.
  6. Both are gonna take long.. since neither are in the states... Figure at least a week or two to get from where they are and through customs.. then another week or two of shipping across the state.. But i agree.. I have heard plenty of complaints due to piss poor shipping between both GC and EDIT
  7. I've ordered from them. They had way much faster shipping then GC. One thing though they weren't discreet with the package
    They wrote what was in it on the package...

  8. It's actually a really sick bong, my friend has one. Nothing wrong with acrylics at all. I beat the $%&* out of mine lol and don't worry about ever having to replace it.

  9. Yeah, this is the first bong I've ever purchased and I wanted a glass bong but I have awful luck with fragile items so until I can afford at least a nice 5mm, preferably 7mm bong imma stick with something more durable.

    Question for you, can your friend fit ice into Mr. Black?
    Also, in a few reviews people complain about a weird carb and only being able to fill with water half way, can you confirm this?
  10. They're one of the biggest smartshops in the business, you can definately trust them.. They're located in Europe tough, so expect long delivery times![​IMG]
  11. do you go to McDonald's to discuss Burger King, OP?
  12. haha, ya i was about to post the same thing i have not bought anything off edit but i would imagine the GC forum would have a little bias :bongin:
  13. i recently got My RooR in the mail from them..beautiful lol
  14. cool, im just about to order a sick bong from edit, hope it don't take to long tho.
  15. my roommate ordered from EDIT.
    took like a week for the order to come in...

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