Grasscity Community Under Https ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lizard King, May 27, 2013.

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    For Blades increased security we will process login pages through HTTPS , it will be enabled pretty soon.
    However we can also run full Grasscity Comunity under HTTPS. 
    This means that traffic will go over a secure SLL encrypted tunnel connection between our servers and your browser.
    If you don't know what HTTPS is , check Wikipedia here
    Please keep in mind the poll results will not be our final decision. This poll is designed to receive user feedback.

  2. Someone should explain this in less confusing terms :)
  3. Basically i have no idea what this means
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    im down with more security.
    will it slow things down at all?
  5. Apparently it increases security, so what's the downside?
  6. with change comes some good, but mostly negative things in the long run.
  7. Would it have an affect of the speed/performence of the site?
  8. SSL encryption is pretty fast, you will never notice a performance difference.
    Assuming GC properly sets up the SSL certificates so we don't get any warnings, you would never even notice that they did it.
    Usually if you are on a website that is SSL-encrypted, your web browser will show some sort of little padlock icon near the top to indicate that it's secure.  You should always look for that indicator before entering sensitive info like your credit card or Social Security number.
  9. I run a firefox plugin - HTTPS everywhere. Sounds like a good idea to me as long as it doesn't make things slower.
  10. So the store part of the site, and the forum part of the site would have HTTPS, or would it just be the login part, and then the rest isn't secured?
    I'm confused. D:
    Also, the address in your browser's address bar will start with "https" instead of "http." Most banks, credit cards companies, etc. do this automatically.
    Yup, I've been using that for quite a while. There is no downside that I've ever noticed.
    That's a pretty pessimistic view of evolutionary theory.
    ask google
    i vote against it, extra encryption is not worth the crappy cache drama but then again i am no expert
  14. This has always been somewhat of a worry for me. Many users post such sensitive information to their freedom. Not that it changes all that much but it is a step in the right directions.
    +1 for Grasscity Admins :metal:
  15. You kids need to get a life.
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    Wow...someone has a lot of time on their hands...

    Anyways...I don't see why GC should go https after being without it for I don't know how many years. I don't care either way though, just saying :)

    I'm sure the grower community would feel safer :confused_2:
  17. will it slow things down at all?
  18. It is a good choice to force the entire site through SSL. Times change and so do the laws and not in our favor with governments increasingly putting pressure on monitoring online activities and getting their way. This is the reason you see the majority of the top torrent sites also going over to full SSL. There is no reason not to and many to validate the choice to do so.
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