Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by kerf, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. heyo people. ive been lurking here for about 5 months now, decided to make my entrance with some art ;) so...yeah. art. woo. there it is. let me know whatcha think. comments welcome and encouraged ;)

    (or questions about myself, whichever)

  2. Welcome to the city..

    I also think thats cool!
  3. 5 months?!?! thats some quality lurking! good to see you surface! :) I cant see the image, Ill try again (getting the ol no page to be displayed) but im sure its cool cool! welcome to the city!
  4. dude I love the fucking code in the back, read it, its funny, bottom right
  5. wow thumbs up man thats awesome...I just set it as my backround I love it=D
  6. :(

    It won't let me see it either.
  7. I can't see it either
  8. looks nice...good work...
  9. Yeah dude very nice picture :) and Welcome To The City!!!
  10. ..and welcome :D
  11. Can someone maybe upload it here or something? I really want to see it :(

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