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Do you want to buy a T-Shirt?

  1. Yes, damn it looks cool!!

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  2. No, not intrested!

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  1. Who is intrested in buying a t-shirt, just checking how many people are intrested and howm many I should make, price will be between 20 and 25 $ (gotto make the forums spin don't we ;-) )

    Let me know and we will get to them made!

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  2. XXl for me as well... I do wish to have Bud Head on it too...
  3. thats pretty cool
  4. Me me me! :D
  5. L for me! That is awsome! I will buy like 10 and give them to my friends to spread the word.

    maybe become president someday and legalize it! Woah...stop it right there illcid...
  6. you can get them made cheap at Order them at like $6 a piece and sell them to us for like $15.
  7. yeah, put me down for a Large.

    do we get them in all kindsa colours? i want mine in the green on the top of every page.
  8. I want one! Me me me!

    But I don't have a credit card or anything, is there any other way I can pay for one? Is a money order acceptable?

    Because I definately want one! Size L for me :D
  9. ya dman thats pretty badass. wouldnt it be weird to walk up to someone and both of you are wearing that shirt?
  10. Could You Make one but with my name on top bit of the back of the t shirt and Avatar in the middle and my sign on the back i will give ya extra if you can or is this way too mich to ask SJ?
  11. i would be interested however im gonna be broke the next few weeks do to buying two oz and going to cincy
  12. that would kick ass!! would like it wo be like black, with the green grasscity writing n symbol... and like that green with my name on the back!! that would rock!
  13. i got an idea, you could just get like the little iron on letters that are all together, and mail them, the postage would be less, and people could get whatever shirt they want for like $3 at any store, or put it on a shirt they already have... same both of us money, and you could charge like $5 prolly get the symbols for like 2-3 bucks

  14. I will do that at once, when I'm back from holiday in a week!

  15. awesome. it's nice when you can save a bunch of stoners $10 a each that they can use on bud. If any of you want to show your appreciation you can send some bud to me here at school. My address is...:D
  16. Ah hell I've been looking at cafeshops and they upped their prices a little. Base cost for a t-shirt is $14.99. SJ can mark up the price to whatever he wants at cafeshops or order them at that price for himself. If he orders 15 or more items he gets a 35% discount bringing the cost of shirts down to $10 plus shipping to grasscity hq.
  17. I like this one too . . .

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  18. wow, that's nice. what prog did u use to make it?

  19. Thanx!
    Photoshop 6

  20. yeah me tto, and black (of coarse);)

    we should get a discount if we buy three:D

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