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How do you feel about a grasscity game server?

  1. Yeah a grasscity game server would be awesome!

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  2. I don't play games

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  3. I want a Quake Server for grasscity members

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  4. I want a Wolfenstein Server for grasscity members

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  1. I'm thinking of putting on a game server for example Return to Caste Wolfenstein or Quake III exlusively for grasscity members, is that an idea or not?

    Let's yuor voices be heard in the Poll :)

  2. I think that would be great, Superjoint! Just another cool reason to spend my day at the "CITY"!!
  3. A game server would be KICK ASS!

    Gotta come up with something pot related too. :D

    I don't have quake, but did get the wolfstein game.

    I'd have to be on the scout for any games we are able to get.

  4. I would rather play Half-Life then Quake III but that'd be cool as hell if there was a grasscity server for any game!
  5. I got Quake III(but suck at it) and ill be on woolfenstine as soon as i find a good copy of it to download....and a crack...unless its included
  6. thumbs up on this idea though i don't play games...
    i have a game for mac's called happy weed, it's like pac man but the cops chase you and instead of power balls you get joints/bongs/even shrooms. when you toke your joint, you go superfast and thecops turn into pigs.

    :D it's the best game when stoned if i can get my mac up and running someday i will let you know and maybe i can send a copy off to some of ya :)
  7. that would be sooo great...any game would be great....a server means we play against each other on-line??

    or you just play??

    either way it would be great when stoned..sober also..:)

    DO IT...HAHAHAH j/p

    great idea super...maybe it'll happen

  8. Just wondering; does our Kimono have anything to do with it?
  9. No i ws thinking of the server, not the kimono, please members do not mind this post, this is something beteen kees_67 and me :)

  10. Hmm, things can change in a week. Or have you changed religion and do you want to set up a microsoft gameserver?

  11. I don't want to sell the fur before shooting the bear, as the Dutch say. But I think that there is a little surprise coming up for you on the forum.
  12. On the EDGE of my seat! :smoke:
  13. is there a timeframe for this suprise or is it just sum time in the future?

  14. I have a few other deadlines, but am already in debugging phase with the surprise. And please, it is a small surprise, don't expect a game server.

  15. Should I expect cookies? mmm cookies....
  16. who's been baking cookies?
    i want some!!!
    *also extremely curious* :)
  17. LMAO!!! kess_67 ya'll here at Grasscity work so hard for us, MUCH thanks to ya'll :hello: :smoking: THANKS AGAIN!!! :hello: :hello:
  18. cooooooookieee moooonsssssssssstteerrrrrr :D
    yes kees thank you thank you thank you for keeping us up alive :) and bringing us cookie monster

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