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Discussion in 'General' started by MilkyIlladelph, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Time to enjoy a nice cig, no need for haters here... like we don't know already.

    Post yer favorite cigs or just when youre headed for a cig break
  2. HOW do you smoke those garbage cigs ^ at least buy the roll your own if your going american spirit, the packs of them are disgusting IMO
  3. Iv been hooked on the smooths for a while
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    I'm trying to cut back, and the spirits last much longer... I enjoy 27s most of all, recently been switching back and forth, maybe some camel filters every now and again.

  5. We all have our preferred cigarette dude.


    here's mine

  6. Bout to enjoy one of these bad boys myself. Best cigarettes ever I smoked menthol till I found these yummy treats.
  7. I'll enjoy a cig only when I'm fucked up and someone offers. If I had to choose it'd be a camel crush or djarum black. I can't finish a whole one though.

    If not, the smell is disgusting and so is the taste. Everything is. All my ex's have been smokers and no matter how many times they wash their mouth it still has a cig aftertaste. Most unattractive thing in the world x___x
  8. I used to smoke those. I'm trying to quit again. One day down...
  9. i've yet to try 27's, but i keep hearing about them. what makes them different? i might try them
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    Camel blues.

    I'm not the biggest cig smoker. I usually smoke 1 or less a day, but I've been smoking 2-4 now that I'm on a tbreak.

    My friends smoke marlboro 27's, so those are my #2.
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    Ch'yea bitches.
  12. All this talk of cigarettes is making me really want one.

    What is your slang for cigs? I grew up using "bogie".
  13. I smoke Marlboro Reds, but I'm trying to stop, even though I only smoke a couple a day if that.

    And to BuffalosoldierRx, I call them boges. Pretty much the same thing as a bogie lol.
  14. ive heard "tubes" and "squares", i prefer cigoot
  15. I quit a month ago. Hate when I see shit like this haha.. makes me want one.
  16. stogie, and cancer sticks

  17. LOL when i read cigarettes hurt babies i pictured a cigarette with legs punting a baby.

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