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    Here is how it works
    Follow and read the poster above yous posts until you have an image of what celebrity they look like in your head and then post who it is. :hello:
    If you met them who did you imagine and who did they turn out to be closest to? Got that:poke::devious::poke:
    Also post your sex and age range in your post.
    I am a girl!:yay:

  2. So basically I have to stalk you till I think you remind me of a movie star??

    Well I would think of you as a blonde Mila Kunis ... Do I win??? :p

    Male/ 40-50.. :rolleyes:

  3. For some reason he reminds me off bender from futurama.:cool:
  4. bender bending rodriguez*
  5. makes me want to weep to see what GC has come to :(
  6. You sound like a scientologist to me


    Early Twenties
  7. (Yes bender that is exactly correct, you are the only one who did it right so far, one guy tried but did not say male or female and did not say his her age:cry:)
    Benderbob=Richard Belzer

    Female/ 30-40

  8. Sorry I missed your age. :eek: Thank you for playing:D
    Mitch Hewer

    Female 30-40
  9. ahhahahhahahah oh sky what have you gone n created :laughing: :smoking:

    you remind me of that naked women i keep dreaming of...with the desk bell boobs of wonder :ey: :yummy:


  10. Change it to pictures I don't even know who that is
  11. Every time I see myles, I think of Christian Bale in American Psycho...:laughing:

    Alright...I'll give it a shot...male 40-50...
  12. :yay:
    Ig= a cross between Nick Nolte and Harrison ford:D

    Female / 30-40

  13. Fuck these rules are hard ! I'm too high for dis shiiiiit!

    I go hard mothafucka!

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