Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Menace, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. helllllllooooooo?
  2. doubtful. i saw some at a tobacco shop yesterday. just check a tobacco shop round you, see if they have em. or a headshop for that matter. all gravy
  3. I'll try to find out for you, Menace. I doubt you can but I'll still check. They kick ass! I have a bunch of them.

  4. nope, you cant choose, too many kinds, all are different, it's a surprise which one you get ;-)

  5. no tobacco shop or head shop closer than an hour away... wouldn't be terribly sensible to spend $10 in gas for a $2 butthead :p

  6. alright, thank you... that totally stinks though:( because some of them suck... I just want a jester or a mushroom... they should at least let you specify, if you desired to, like 3 different ones you'd prefer, then if none of those are in stock, give you a random one that is available... I would have ordered some then... along with other stuff...


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