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  1. I plan on buying a bong from grasscity it has ice catcher percolator and an ash catcher. Heres the link:
    I think its a great deal but i have a few questions

    Is 4.8 mm thick? I think thats pretty thin glass but i might just be wrong since i never measured the thickness of my other glass pieces

    Also how long do you think it would take to get to mid alantic (middle of east coast united states)?

    Is there a chance it will be confiscated since its going from country to country?

    Is it likely to break in mail?

    If it is broken or confiscated do i get a refund or am i just shit outta luck?
  2. I've ordered from GC before and a good friend of mine has ordered from GC, we both live in Houston, so I can tell you it won't get confiscated, though it still goes through customs and everything. What they will do and they do package it well, so it will most def be safe, is wrap it in a ton of bubble wrap and put it in a box crammed full of packing peanuts, then they seal the box with hazard orange 'fragile' tape. That being said, my package took quite a while, 2.5-3 weeks from ordering to on my door, so you might want to do rush shipping, seeing as that thing is pretty inexpensive and you could probably afford the upcharge. Given what I learned and how bad I wanted to smoke, I'd have gladly paid the priority. Now, if it's broken, I've heard that GC's customer service is very good, they will probably take care of you no problem, so long as you send back your piece. Back to the thickness, as long as you don't let any terribly clumsy friends of yours handle it, or let anyone but yourself clean it, you should be fine with that whole piece. Good luck to you, hope this helps!

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