Grasscity Artshow 4

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  1. Hello again and welcome to the fourth Grass City artshow. Better late than never amiright? Without further ado I present all the hardworking artist's of this artshow!






    Media: Charcoal

    Media: Oils

    Media: Acrylic Paints and Aerosol


    "Lion Contour Rasta 2" Digital | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    "Zombie Gorilla" Linoleum Block Prints | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    "The Bridge" Intaglio Print | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Rip Van Winkle
    Media: Pencils



    Lizard Beyond the Curtain
    Media: Instagrammed Photograph

    My Nasty Ass Feet
    Media: Instagrammed Photograph

    Imagination Mandala
    Media: Photoshop

    Electric Jellyfish
    Media: Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Photoshop

    Dream House
    Media: Gouache, Ballpoint Pen, Graphite




    Neon Boars on the Highway

    Please feel free to express your favorites and ask any questions of your fellow blades involving their art, or their process. I hope you enjoyed the show and want to see more in the future!

    Please refrain from asking questions about the next artshow in here. Private message me if you are curious.
  2. Thanks to all involved for sharing their work and putting this together. Great stuff. :smoke:
  3. really digging the storm trooper child, everything is sick. props to all who participated.
  4. I'm totally diggin HavokSe7en jellyfish!

    Great work everyone!
  5. Are the two chemical's in HavokSe7en Imagination Mandala, THC (closer to center, I'm pretty sure of that one), and LSD (the one further out)?
  6. something i threw together a while ago. thought i'd share

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  7. lots o' cool stuff here guys :smoke:

    I don't know which is my favorite, yet, but they're all good
  8. Little late lol submit to the next one bro haha

    Everyone did great and I really enjoyed seeing all the entries flow into my inbox
  9. electric jellyfish... motherofgod!!!!
  10. Some amazing art here. Big fan of Electric Jellyfish and Dream House. I want Jellyfish on a T-shirt and Dream House on a poster haha.
  11. Wow
    Incredible stuff from everyone
    Yo Pshychoperson, thanks for putting this together
  12. Good stuff.
  13. This is great, thank you for taking the time to make these man.
  14. Look... if you're going to make multiple threads to link to this thread you better put some more fucking art up there. Being serious, theres a lot of good artists on this site.
  15. Being serious, there just wasn't a lot of people interested in entering to begin with.
    Yah there are a lot of great artists here, but they way that these shows work requires them to submit a few photos. If they aren't willing to participate then there really isn't a whole lot that can be done.

    Don't like the way that this show is done, there's nothing stopping you from handling one of your own.
  16. Well following 4 threads that link together I was hoping for something different
  17. I only initially intended there to be one thread in general linking to it. Then somebody commented on Inception and I thought it would have been funny. There just wasn't enough people entering if you don't like the way I handled this well then make your own.
  18. Why would I make my own? I just dislike the way you handled this. If you don't like my post or believe I mishandled my last post about how I dislike the way you handled posting multiple threads, then post a post about my mishandlement and we'll handle or mishandle it from there.
  19. Is it that hard to appreciate that work that has been submitted though?
  20. you two massive rep boners with your handling of this and mishandling of that with your quotients and dividends all over the fucking place. it's okay, let it slide and leave the artshow be

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