GrassCity Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by pineapple skunk, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. i love this forum

    i love weed

    share the love
  2. I appreciate
  3. i appreciate the knowledged learned from this site, the 80% of the posters being mature, and not trolling.
  4. I`ll drink to that.
  5. I don't have any weed right now, so I guess I'll eat pizza to that. Om nom nom nom.
  6. Right with ya lol. This forum is fucking amazing. It has its faults but the positives will always outweight the negatives on this forum big time!
  7. :gc_rocks: It's a great place to hang out. :smoke:
  8. :hippie:

    Best forum I've found.
  9. Hell yeah soap. This next drink is for GC.
  11. Word.

    I have been on many forums, mostly video games, and you get get condemmed for being a stoner.

    Its like, who doesnt enjoy GTA better high?

    Anyways, GC, I am proud to Rep. I have met so many cool peeps on here. Next bowl, or 3 goes to you.
  12. GC is awesome! I have learned so much from this site and most of the people are really helpful. :wave:
  13. Best place ever. This place has the highest concentration of mature members here

  14. I think there is more than 80% of mature posters. I think its more like 10% max trollers.

    Which is good either way compared to many other forums.

    I deff appreciate the knowlage from here, Learned most of what I know here
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    its like my second life.. weird to say, but i feel like were all in our own little world haha.:smoking:

    btw, its taught me so much shit about the sweet sweet ganj.. huge learning toool imo. haha
  16. Grasscity really has taught me a lot, it's a great community, and I'm proud to be here with all of you....
  17. i was just thinking. i dont have much friends that smoke pot actually i only have 1 friend that does. but gc is like a place i can freely express myself when im getting baked.

    peace and good vibes!:)
  18. shit man, that means one in ten here are trolls..

    ..honestly i think its less than that. There really arent much troll threads, or troll posts.:smoke::smoke:

    And thats why i appreciate GRASSCITY:gc_rocks::gc_rocks::gc_rocks::gc_rocks:
  19. its my 2nd favorite forum out there.
    my 1st choice is only my 1st choice because i have 10,702 posts on that forum haha

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