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Discussion in 'General' started by Big Chiefa, May 20, 2013.

  1. my grass city app on my android isnt working after the website update.. any ideas?

  2. Yea check out the general feedback forum for details
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    new ones coming, the old one used the old software so the apps useless now. Might aswell delete the app off your phone and wait for the new one to arrive.  the forums mobile friendly in browser mode now though which works pretty well :)
  4. Thanks alot guys! cant wait for the new one to come out, any ideas when??
  5. Android app is out. Apple app was submitted to apple but I don't think it has been approved to be put on itunes just yet. Hopefully any day though :wave:
  6. No idea. Mine works aside from there not being an option to check likes/pms. 
  7. That would be really great if they made a Grasscity app for the apple devices.
  8. They're working on it dude, instead of bumping old threads you should search for current ones because there are already several on this topic explaining the situation.

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