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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by blazntreez, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. I have two plants growing outdoors......there are lots of bugs where I live......I've been spraying my plants with a tomatoe and veggie for a while. I also have a fairly big problem with baby grasshoppers.......what can I do about this. Please help....thanx.
  2. HIGH All, blazntreez glad we don't have your problems up here on The WET Coast.

    Never tried this...but hey!

    7 pints water
    1 pint liquid sevin
    1 pint molasas
    10 pints wheat germ
    Mix all together to form a dough-like substance...roll into balls and place around your plants...or you can mold a sting into the balls and hang`em in your plants. Taking from OG.

    Try to find All about the pest that Bugs you and you'll find more than one way to eradicate it.
  3. I always use soap and water mix and spray it on the plants, it works good.
  4. I had to fight 'hoppers, and caterpillars when trying outies. Two nonpoisonous things you can effectively do against those little beasties:
    #1) Remove each by hand and massacre them. You have to get out there early to find them active, and you have to be very patient, and very thorough, because they make themselves hard to see.
    #2) If you can find a preying mantis to place on your plants, your problem will soon just vanish! Good luck M8!
  5. Thanx for all the advise people...........hey earth girl, as a matter of fact i came across a praying mantis the other day and placed it on my plants.......hopefully they like there new homes and do there jobs.
  6. This stuff is so strong in its pure state, I sort of think of it as poison. You wear gloves, an apron, and goggles to puree a selection of HOT peppers, onions, and garlic. Squeeze and super strain it, mix w/H2O(3-4:1), add a few drops of dishsoap and a cap of rubbing alcohol and spray lightly on top/bottom of foliage at dusk. It tastes so bad nothing will touch it. BUT! You must be out at dawn to gently rinse it off! It could burn your babies in the sun.
    Keep the concentrate and leftover dilute in the fridge, but never put it on the plant cold, and only make up as much as you need for 5-7 days. You can make the concentrate in bulk if you don't mind tossing the icecube trays after, or just save them for next year...

    All of this will take some experimenting and trial/error and dedication to your cause. But it worked for the earth girl...grow in peace my child

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