Grass City vs Facebook

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Grass City wins.
  2. Anything vs. Facebook,

    Anything wins.
  3. What's a Facebook?
  4. eating spaghetti with your anus > facebook
  5. Weed & GC = <3
    Weed & FB = </3

    : (
  6. I'm in the generation where facebook is the most important thing in life, and I was hooked on it for a couple of years, but I recently deactivated it. So sick of all the BS on it!
  7. Grasscity, anytime.
  8. Facebook.
  9. Facebook is just full of spam now
  10. I go to grasscity first and the FB
  11. That's so high.
  12. Both have pics of kids smoking weed or pics of their pickups

    Both have ignorant people yelling over politics to no end.

    Both have people arguing conspiracy theories that they don't understand.

    Both have incredibly religious people trying to protect and profess their faith.

    Both have atheists bent on disproving religion.

    Both have stupid internet meme, the plague on humanity and culture, ermagherd.

    Maybe we're not so different as we think.
  13. ermagherd....we...both...suck... :(
  14. There is good and bad with everything and everyone, but just like with us, the bad doesn't necessarily have to define someone
  15. Facebook has my mom, dad and grammie on it. GC doesn't. :(
  16. Here that's fed by anonymity, while there it's by stupidity.
  17. more hot chicks on Facebook
  18. :laughing:

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