GRass city time capsle

Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzwell420, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Im starting a time capsle. post anything u want people of the future to read,
    and i will print it out and burry it in my back yard.

    sweet thanks
  2. To the future:

    Put the lotion, in the basket.
  3. ^So true.
    If everyone was themselves, life would be so pleasantly bliss, wouldn't it?
    Smoke weed everyday.
  4. my signature

  5. Zepplin rules

  6. Hah I wouldn't say that. A lot of the problem is shitty people being themselves instead of having a collective perspective :smoking:
  7. Hey future! Hope you all worked out the problems that resulted in the race riots of early 2012.

    Happy 65th anniversary of the United States of America being founded! Hope you all live happy lives and see the 100th anniversary of this great country's foundation after we seperated from China.

    Vote no on the Mind Control Act, signed Window Frame.

    P.S.... Hope you guys don't see the Mind Control Act pass. We are still at war with the Germans and the Canadians are threatening our bison population. But congress is still worried about mind control. What nonsense....
  8. Keep hitting that bong!
  9. AMURICA, ALso BuzzWell420 makes the craziest threads
  10. ill give it time buy ima copy and paste to a page and print it and dig a hole in my back yard and throw it in plastice and a fire proof safe and bury that shit.
  11. some day i want to slip a homemade porn tape into an actual time capsule lmao

    can you imagine people in the future finding that? rotfl

  12. dog getting into it a fireproof safe!!!

    fuck that......
  13. You can't please everybody, don't even try. Oh, and stick to the natural shit.
  14. Snoop Lion ^
  15. Keep spreading the knowledge, smoke, and love!
  16. Check yourself before you wreck yourself and stay black motherfuckers.
  17. Don't dig any deeper...Thanks.:cool:

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