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  1. Hey,
    I ordered about $200 worth of merchandise from them a few hours ago. I thought they looked leggit, and obviously have a pretty active forum so I didn't think about it too much. There is lots of reviews for products, they except credit cards, and the site appears to be legit. Just now I thought to google reviews about them, and every single review is negative, saying their purchase either never arrived or was broken and not replaced. Is this true? Has anyone here ordered from them before? How did it go? I really regret ordering now, my money is hard earned and I really hope I didn't just waste $200.

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    All I ever paid for was the gold membership, its not even the price of a light bulb.
    I bet it shows up fine.
  3. Any feedback? Did you receive your items?
  4. Unfortunately I haven't. According to their site it has shipped though (normal shipping doesn't come with tracking). I will keep you posted on what happens!
  5. I am happy to report everything arrived yesterday!
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  6. Cool, its good to know that it did :) If you want it quicker next time you might consider a USA based online headshop ;)
  7. Considering OP is based in BC, which I am assuming is British Columbia. Customs is not gonna be as big an issue. The US customs people are the ones who fuck you around.

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    Should be getting my piece soon, glad to hear your stuff arrived unscathed

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