grass city is silenceing me

Discussion in 'General' started by smoketheherb, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. theyre getting rid of my posts, go to for REAL forums put together by Rage Against The Machine members
  2. Grasscity isn't silencing you. You posted the same link over and over...someone asked a question and instead of putting the answer into the thread where the question was asked, you made a new thread which sat right under it. I merged your thread into that thread. Your post is there now.

    Everytime you continued to make new threads on the same topic, I deleted those threads because the link is already in it's respectable place. If you had your PM's on then you'd know this.
  3. thats a LIE, i did answer the ? but I made a new topic so others who didnt read that tread could learn about the Ontario laws, sorry for trying to make grass city look bad, it was my fault, but know one was tellin me what was going on.

  4. hey, i was :D pissed, i was thinking, how the f could grasscity mods do this?....edit critter ...very easy :D.
  5. The city doesn,t silence any one unless they are bashing people or being untollerable...

    I do believe that you made another thread looking for a link and Sensi posted where you can find it...

    Making multiple post about one topic isn't allowed..

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