"Grass City is habitual because..."

Discussion in 'General' started by Needforspeed368, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Grass City has become a habit for me lately. Every time I get online I check it out and see what the latest replies are. Does this mean I'm a total pot head techno geek or what? I used to be reading the forums on my hobbies...now smoking is my main hobby, and everything else just doesn't seem justifiable financially. Anyone else notice a recent "dependance" on Grass City and it's content?


    When I look around the threads at people's bud shots, read their experiences, and all that jazz it makes me crave Double Stuf Oreo's....


    However, it has come to my attention there is not possibly enough DoubleStuf Oreo's on the planet to satisfy a munchie experience like good bud and Grasscity.com Forums causes.

    Since you're website and it's contents have become a habit, I would like to express a member's concern for a new service of unlimited Double Stuf Oreo's provided by GrassCity.

    Grass City is Habitual because it always provides me the random inspiration I need to come up with crap like that.
  2. Im not following your logic......:bongin:
  3. You lost me there.
  4. I edited to clarify....maybe I went on a stoner limb or something...:eek:
  5. Haha I think maybe so..but maybe I graspes what your stoned mind was tryingt o get across to us.. did you mean that b/c you love the site and threads so much..you want GC to provide an unlimited amount of double stuffed oreos for munchies? haha..

    should you be giving GC double stuffed oreos for their great site/forums? haha
  6. man... ::sigh::
  7. i dont get it... wasnt there a post like this already?
  8. What's so hard to understand? He's addicted to GC and GC makes him want Oreos. So, obviously the correct solution is for GC to initiate an Oreo Delivery Service for all GC members.

    What's so strange about that? ROFL
  9. s t o n e r l o g i c

  10. YAY!!! We have an official translator!!! :D Good job, JonBongJovi!

    LOL! Stoners! :p Gotta love 'em!
  11. That would be nice. Though we would have to have a massive donation to GC. Would you deliver to Arkansas for glass and me, RMJL?

  12. lol, in class the other day, while working on something my friend tells me:
    "Dude, you messed up, its gotta be in chroniclogic order."
    He didnt even notice he said that, talk about having the shit on your mind :D
  13. this kid is deffinetly fuckin baked
  14. The man's got a point.
  15. I agree. I haven't bought a bag of double stuffed oreos in years... If a bag just showed up on my doorstep I would be thrilled! :smoke:
  16. i guess??

    uve had only 13 messages????? thats nnothing. to be already complaining about it.

    i just dont understand you

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