Grass City Clan?

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    Searched and didn't really find a straight up Clan.

    If there is one, PM me a link to the thread and I will be forgetfully grateful!

    If not, well LETS DO IT!

    I'd like to include any and/or all Online Multiplayer, Competitive, and High Score based games. SO! Let's get down to the nitty gritty.


    1. What Online Multiplayer, Competitive and High Score based games would you like to clan up in?

    2. I'd prefer if we stick to 360 titles but all consoles are welcome. (Prepared to make a main moderator for each console.)

    3. Would you be active enough to partake in any or other rank based matches?

    4. Post your Gamertag, PSN, or FriendCode so I can get a head-start on adding them to a list.

    5. GCG (Grass City Gamers) would be the desired Clantag, or if you have any ideas post them!

    6. Casual gaming is encouraged!Mainly, I would love to just get a group on this site to represent GC and enjoy playing together.


    Now then, with those ideas/topics out of the way I might as well introduce myself.

    [​IMG] My name is Brad (XBL GamerTag:Bradlogic), I'm 22 and live in Texas. Smoking for 4 years and going strong. I just joined the site +/- a week ago and I love it. Good vibes, good people. (Which is why I'd love to get a gaming community started in this bitch.) I mostly play MW2 at the moment, I love playing a good game of Nazi Zombies on CoD:WaW anytime. I grew out of Halo but don't count me out on Reach, I may be buying it in a few weeks.

    :hello: Feel free to add me on Facebook, I play PotFarm religiously and wouldn't mind a few neighbors.
    Be sure to add that you are from or else I will not accept. Been getting alot of fake profiles and spammers lately.

    And with that, lets see if we can pull this off.

    Link to Group Page: Grass City Gamers
  2. Dude I'm down, GCG sounds good.

    I'm from Texas also. DFW area. what about you?

    I got a Ps3, Gamer tag = Smoky817

    I mostly play Battlefield, and Nazi Zombies.
  3. I live Southeast of ya then. Kemp/Cedar Creek Lake area.

    And that's awesome! I'll bookmark this thread as a lookover so I don't have to start compiling a list of five or six people. Kinda pointless unless we get a good following going.
  4. fuck yeah... all I play is codmw2 and ill be getting black ops

    lets fuck shit upp

    xbl - iPwnF00lz (2 # 0's between F & l)
  5. Look for Grass City Gamers in the groups, I already made the group and its just skeletal right now. Figured I'd atleast make the group.

    And fuck yea! I'll be adding all the XBL Tags to my own friends list when this starts taking off.
  6. My gt is the same as my gc username. I usually play mw2 but I have bc2 if anyone else plays that.
  7. Alright so thats 3 XBL and 1 PSN. Lets try to get a PC/Mac gamer and that covers the main consoles for member entry. Not too worried about the Wii.
  8. not a bad idea


    at the moment, madden 11, GTA4, forza3
  9. new medal of honor ill be on tht boys
  10. im in hit me up gt: BLAKE 2002 (its my brother account mine is banned) :smoke:
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    With the ps3 eyetoy you can video chat/virtual smoke circle I did it with a player all the time we actually met up one and blazed club and shot airsoft green gass guns and played mad COD4 I havnt really picked up th gun in MWF2 for some time but laste time i did I still GOT IT! I focus on KDR and WINNING!
    Any GT5 prolouge players? want to test a drunk person against a stoned person? Ill get shitty!:hello: But I can still drive...its sad:(
    Ohyeah! PS3 account name TOUGE_KILLER
  12. im gettin cataclysm when it comes out..havent played WoW in like 2 years but i think itll be good. nothing like hitting the ole bong and raiding and whatnot. I say we gather on a server, on the same faction and make a guild.

    I will be startin fresh so anyone that wants to blaze and play WoW hit me up
  13. Remember to subscribe to this thread and keep an eye out for updates. I'll have the group up and running here by the end of the week.
  14. We need a list updated of added players for speccific platforms PS3/XBOX/PC/Wii then subs for specific games.:eek:
  15. Workin on it.
  16. whompy420
  17. I mostly play Red Dead Redemption
    xbox 360
    gamer tag is oO CH0C0B0 Oo
  18. Hell yeah I got an Xbox gt: JG KOOLAIDMAN all caps. I mostly play cod got em all waw, cod 4 nd mdw 2 also got that halo reach hit me up let me know ur from gc
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    Im in between MoH games so i dont have time to read the replies, but i was just thinkin today that exact thought. blazin out some sweet victories.

    xbox360: sixpackmack51 <----(dont ask, dont even have a six pack)
    PC: a huge f*ckin list but for now, zipsnap on Medal of Honor.
    Wow: Nithion (auchindaun), ArmandHammer(magtheradon or frostmane cant remember)

    edit: for MW2 everyone could go as "Joint Ops" for there call sign or whatever, and the mj leaf as there icon.
  20. Gcg is now my tag on Cs 1.6

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