grass city be boomin

Discussion in 'General' started by UCF-Toker, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    .... and a lil pac man

  2. Looks like a big Pac-Man sized chunk of us are those loudmouth Americans from the US. Nice to see that if we have something to say, we come here to the City to say it. :hello: :cool:
  4. wait... what?
    where are you from? "those" sounds like your not from here but "we" sounds like you are

    "gay blade"?
    are you gay?
  5. Yes, I'm one of those loudmouth Americans, not to be confused with Canadian Americans, or Native Americans, or South Americans...

    Haven't you been paying attention? :cool:
  6. ah yes. now i see what you were saying. funny how people from the US think they are the only americans.

    and apparently i havent been payin attention haha. funny thing is, i usually check out threads you've posted in cuz i like your attitude on subjects.
  7. You're not going to stop checking out those threads now that you know I'm gay, are you?! :D :D :D
  8. i always knew it...
  9. Tweech, +Rep for not caring if people know your a homosexual or not.

    I never knew it but it dont bother me. Your a cool dude in my book.

    Edit: You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Tweech's Zone again.
  10. too bad that increase in people increase the amount of shit posts. c'est la vie though.
  11. "----------------------------------> "

  12. fuck fags. go suck a dick bitch

    preferbally mine. lol, j/k man, don't give a shit if you gay, straight, bi, or tri
  13. why the hell would i do that? your not going to start posting different now that i know are you?
  14. niiice. haha
  15. thats sweet
  16. If I do start posting differently, it'll be because my ideas are evolving, I promise...! :D :cool:

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