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Discussion in 'General' started by Kaos6669a, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Time to draw the techies out :D

    Anyone know a not to bad graphics card for the £100 mark? i am upgrading a 6800GT (been a while since i had an update so...)

    Bought to replace a Core 2 E6750, 2gb mached pair of Corsair DDR2 800 and an MSI SLI Mobo.

    I have currently a Athlon 64 3700, 1gb unmatched (2x512) corsair value ram, and a Gigabyte SLI mobo and as stated a Gainward 6800GT.

    The mobo and shit should be here tomorrow yay

    But the question stands... GFX Card for £100 ish

    Choice so far stands at either a 8600GT or a Radeon 1950pro/XT (The pro is a little cheaper), and although i have vista i prefer XP still as there so many ferkin bugs in it and none of my apps work, so DX10 is a ? and i heard you'll only get good frame rates from the 8800 series

    I have no idea which card to go for as i have been out of the update market for some time, but if anyone can sugest another i will certainly think about it ;)

    Also, Anyone have any experience with the 8600GT from MSI with 1gb on board... thats £112

    Cheers in advance :smoke:
  2. not sure man they both are pretty good cards you need to switch to XP though vista is total trash and shouldnt be on the market plus the goverment added so much tracking and spying shit into that OS the NSA helped make the god damn thing

    fuck vista go torrent you XP or get linux or 1/2 your HDD and run linux and XP

    and my buddy has the 8600GT and he likes it alot so I would probably go with it
  3. I did lol, used it for 2 days very pretty but also useless, blue screen city... you know the score.

    Anyway nice one for the quick reply, and i am leaning towards to Nvidia but people change :rolleyes:, any others?
  4. oh my bad man reading owns me im alittle fucked up
  5. unless you plan on upgrading to vista later i'd stick with dx9 cards. I think for that price your gonna mostly find 128, maybe some 256mb cards. Both of which will work wayyy better than "on-board" video. Do a search on google for video cards, theres a lot to choose from.
  6. Ok... lol

    It has to Be PCIE, I can get the highest end 6800GT for the 11 bracket which has sweet specs, or a Powercolour 1950XT, both of which ave 512mb but i dont trust some of these news articles i swear its back hander stuff if you know what i mean, scratch my back and we'll.... ...

    Anywho, anyone have hands on experience? i want to run FSX with the lot on Full... AA and AF
  7. go for dx10...not any of the ones your lookin at
  8. No point to DX10 cards yet, maybe next year after some development.
    Only a £300+ card will be half decent on DX10 games... not in my buget affraid :(

    DX9 works perfectly well and i can save for a year.
    When dev has been done and only DX10 games avail maybe then. (Could be more than a year)

    If it happens to be DX10 Compatable then thats another issue, other than that A, or The highest DX9 card will do.

    I still cant decide and i've been looking researching for a day now...

    I'm gonna role a joint, picked up a winner... 1/4 of Jack Herrer and 1/4 Afghani Kush

    Soooooooo Sweeeeeet!!!!!:smoke:
  9. Done, many thanks but i went another way, i bought a Nvidia 7950GT.

    Lots of good reviews and only just over the budget :D

    Thanks for the input guys n gals


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