PC Graphics card/driver issue?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Pistils, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. I built a PC recently but the screen goes black for about 3 seconds at a time. It occurs about once every 3-5 minutes. After the picture returns there is sometimes quite a bit of lag.
    I'm using an HDMI cable going to the TV/monitor.

    I've tried a different HDMI cable on a different monitor, same thing happens. It seems to happen even if I'm not playing any games.
    The drivers are all up to date. I did reinstall (and auto uninstall the old drivers) but have not manually deleted any drivers beforehand.

    It's getting to be very annoying, hoping someone here might have some ideas on what to try next..

    Gigabyte ABD-350-gaming 3
    Ryzen 5 - 1600
    GTX 1050 Ti (ddr5)
    8gb ddr4 ram
    Windows 10
  2. have you checked that there's no loose connections to the video card itself?
  3. Yeah. I just double checked everything to be sure.
  4. I changed some settings around in Nvidea control panel and it hasn't happened since. Hopefully that doesn't change after I restart the computer.

    In case someone has this problem in the future and decides to click on a weed forum for some reason to figure it out: Not exactly sure of everything I changed, basically switched anything that said "system settings/automatic" to "Nvidea settings". Not sure which one the problem was lol.
  5. I was gonna tell ya to uninstall the drivers and pull the card out and re-seat it but if you got it working nm lol.
  6. Yeah I tried that haha, good suggestion tho. Thanks anyways.

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