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  1. When does the judging begin for the contest?
  2. sum1 really wants that 1500 GC dollars


    u guys are have way to good of entries, i have no clue who i am going to vote for.

    i take bribes.

  3. I have no idea. This contest is all SJ's baby. He's out of pocket right now but I'm sure he'll give you an answer soon. :)
  4. Im just posting here to subscribe to this for further news :]
  5. Subscribed.
  6. Duuude, im glad im not the only one who can't get this shit off their mind... I'm excited! There were so many good entries, it's anyones game! :smoke:
  7. im also very anxious. i think i did pretty well :)

    alot of you guys had some sick images tho

    good luck to all
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    i cant wait for the voting.
    but how will the original 20 be chosen from the entire thread. en-e mean-e mine-e mo?

    theres some many good entries, ill be happy with 9th or 10th. but with a little luck ill pull that mad scientist.

  9. LOL, I'm not gonna do it.
  10. Oh hi guys
  11. I don't think anything has been announced as of yet. SJ has been rather busy, I think. Hopefully, he'll hit this thread soon.
  12. Send white light to superjoint :smoking:
  13. " will remember the will remember the contest..."

  14. I'd hope so :|
  15. Well lets see......he could have died and didn't tell anyone......could be in jail.....could have been deported.....I wish he would send us a sign. :eek:
  16. wtf? lol
  17. I'm stll alive, the new shop almost wore me down, incredibly busy. no excuse off course, I haven't fogot abou the contes off course. monday I will take action for voting and stuff!


  18. He lives. :D Glad to see you, SJ. Shoot me a PM and let me know what I need to do to assist you, dear fearless leader!!! :D :D :D
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    Hell yeah! I'm excited :eek:


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