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Grapeseed Oil Tincture

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by danlou84, May 25, 2013.

  1. Anyone done this/has a guide?

  2. Yes, and while it works 'ok', it's one of the least healthy oils for heat exposure, so the best/healthiest medicinal oils made using grapeseed oil must be processed at room temp or only a little higher to avoid heat damage, the resulting toxic chemical byproducts, and oxidation rancidity.
     Grapeseed oil is also not nearly as effective as coconut oil due to the easily and rapidly absorbed medium-chain triglycerides that can be found in coconuts, it's why coconut oil and, to a lesser extent butter with its smaller MCT content, are often the preferred fats of choice among medical and recreational canna cooks! And for the very few patients in the minority with liver or metabolism issues, who digest and absorb cannabinoids processed with long-chain fatty acids more successfully, olive and sesame oils often work a little better for patients as well and can safely endure more heat than grapeseed oil, making them easier to work with as well. :)
  3. I'm looking for a sublingal (under tongue spray dose) though..
    I believe that the coconut oil hardens?
    needs to be sprayable
    Is alcohol best for sprays? what about for patients that don't use alcohol (personally I don't drink)
  4. Use everclear and make dragon. The alcohol evaporates so your good to go.
  5. The alcohol evap's?
    So no alcohol would be released into the bloodstream during dosing?
  6. Nope none at all its like how when you cook with alcohol all of the alcohol evaporates. It only takes 5-10 drops to get the job done anyway. The only way it would have alcohol in it is if you made it with kief and didnt reduce it. Search for PsychedelicSam he has some great recipec for it and he just posted one for 151 if you cant get you hands on any 190 proof.
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    Liquid MCT oil is great for sublingual and buccal sprays, especially when combined with lecithin. It's even considered an ideal transdermal or topical delivery method for cannabinoids as well as pharmaceuticals, making oral membrane/mucosa delivery a snap.  :)
    Here is a video tutorial, two actually... the first is on decarboxylationm or activating your cannabinoids, the second is on processing your oil. Specifically, 'pure' liquid MCT oil as well as coconut oil are both used in this video, to make three total batches in this video, but the exact process and the tutorial itself is suitable for all heated canna oils, and butters.
      If your net speed is slow, making videos difficult for you to watch, you can also go into the CannaPharm sticky/pinned thread and by using the *search feature within the thread, you can find the three main oil photo tutorials, one for hash, one for flowers, and the last starts with flowers and, in order to create a concentrated oil, it begins with an alcohol extraction then, unlike a Dragon or alcohol based tincture, you completely purge and remove all traces of alcohol during the transfer to bioavailable oil. Browse all three, to see which works best for you. :)

    (*The switch to the new forum temporarily changed my 'Table of Contents' links, and I still need to fix it so that direct linking to all the tutorials within the thread works, but fortunately the new search feature makes things a snap to find in the meantime!.... when you're in a thread, the search feature searches just the thread you're in. For convenience I also re-posted the concentrated oil tutorial so it's right there on the last page or so... it has the most info on processing, it has tips which are useful for the other oil tutorials, and with that said it can even easily be used as a guide to re-create the other oil tutorials if you find them hard to locate, so it tends to be one of the most useful tutorials :) )
     Hope this helps... good luck, and have fun! :)
  8. Thanks for that, just subbed some of that oil :) not bad price either!!
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    You should make an alcohol tincture and then transfer the THC to an oil by heating up the oil slightly and having the alcohol evaporate leaving the THC (and other canabanoids) behind in the oil (or glycerin)
    Check out PsychadelicSAM's two threads on tincture.
    One is called Dragon Lite  and the other is called another tincture thread...
    Good luck and remember that PSam will help you and answer any questions you have about the tincture and the secondary transfer.
    good luck
  10. And BKS jumped in to save the day lol

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