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grapefruit weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by researchscience, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. anybody try it?
  2. used to get it all the time, great smoke
  3. I've never heard anything bad about it, everyone likes it
  4. Around 75% Cinderella 99. Comes from a rare phenotype of Cinderella 99 that shows the very small amount of Shiva Skunk genetics in it. Bred with a Grapefruit smelling sativa. I would always rather go for Cinderella 99 but if Grapefruit's around I'm still getting it.
  5. is it on the same level as a good purple kush cause xxx is asking for $200 delivered for a quarter and before u canucks go ape an eighth of dank in NYC is routinely 100 and a quarter is usually 150 so for 200 it has to be really good...
  6. thats actually what this is
  7. $200 for a quarter is a lot. I only seen two strain that pricey.

    Buy some glass jars, very cheap and very worth it.
  8. i have a few friend, that was fresh from the ride home! been a long long time since ive gotten that much though. that picture is probably 4-5 years old
  9. My purple kush tastes like grapefruit
  10. Grapefruit is an amazing tasting strain, a high that can't be forgotten.

  11. naww man never ever pay fucking 100 bucks an eigth thats retarded

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